WAVE is the first digital asset management platform based on blockchain technology.

Wave Platform
A all in one solution to have a overview of your assets. You can connect your Wallet with the platform and can use many features. Sign up and get the latest updates and news about your trusted asset management platform.
Through WAVE Smart Contracts, users and partners can easily setup their own token on the WAVE blockchain. Likee that they gain the opportunity fund their project through an ICO, tokenise their existing business or implement new blockchain based solutions into their existing business model.
Wave Scan
The Explorer is the Database of all Transactions, Blocks and Wallets. You can use it for searching your transactions via Txid, looking for the next blocks and checking the latests transactions on the blockchain.

WAVE Ecosystem

With thriving partners and projects, the WAVE Ecosystem is growing rapidly on a global scale. By building a wide variety of use cases through the WAVE Blockchain, we enable WAVE to become the next generation of digital payments.

Get a WAVE Wallet today, and take control of your Assets!

WAVE Wallet

The WAVE Core Wallet allows you to send, receive, and deploy WAVE coins. Users have the ability to deploy their WAVE to support and secure the network and receive rewards for doing that. Additionally, we are creating a freezing concept to maximize transactions on the blockchain. Wave Core is a fully functional desktop wallet that is evolving to offer you many features in the future. A high level of security and privacy for your assets is our priority. Our vision is to create an all-in-one crypto asset management wallet that can be used and held any cryptocurrency.

Built on WAVE

Based on the consensus protocol of WAVE, every Full Node executes its own block validation.
Tokenization is converting physical and digital assets into blockchain based digital tokens, which is supported by WAVE’s smart contract and token generation.
Encryption of transactions gives users the ability to make transfers securely and anonymously throughout the network of WAVE Full Nodes.
Through smart contracts new tasks and digitally compelled engagements between blockchain participants are enabled and expand completely new infrastructures inside the WAVE ecosystem.
The WAVE Full Node is open-source, which means that anyone with internet access can easily download a copy and run a WAVE Full Node.
By combining the latest advancements in blockchain technology with the proven security consensus of Bitcoin,WAVE Full Nodes provide a secure digital environment for WAVE users.


WAVE functions as a value transfer vehicle inside of the WAVE ecosystem.

Create efficient, secure, and auditable smart contracts in a development environment that is comfortable and familiar for C# and .NET developers.
Crowdfund your business venture with the free WAVE platform, which offers fully integrated services and customizable layouts to kick-start your ICO effortlessly.
Let our Wave Team guide you to complete the most important listings and create opportunities for tracking and exposure.
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